Shoo, this was a busy weekend…! And I met 3 twitter people too!!

On FRIDAY I drove 300m down the road to pick up cupcakes from @Angelsmind. She is also known as The Cupcake Lady…and had advertised a Valentines Cupcake Special which I thought I would try :)

The pics looked delicious, and there has been SO much hype around twitter about how fabulous these cupcakes are! Now, don’t get me wrong here… but i honestly thought to myself “How great can these cupcakes be? People *have* to say they are great… imagine if people said – i tried Angels cupcakes and they were ok – …” So anyway… on Friday night I had my first much anticipated cupcake… not expecting TOO much – altho they did look absolutely fabulous!! And WOW was I blown away!! It was seriously, the BEST DAMN CUPCAKE I EVER DID EAT! – seriously! ah-may-zzzzzing!!

There were 4 in the box:

2 x secret-centre strawberry stuffed chocolate cupcakes, iced with uber decadent chocolate fudge icing and decorated with heart-shaped “sprinkles”.

2 x vanilla, secret-centre, strawberry cheesecake cupcakes- decorated with cream cheese icing and heart shaped “sprinkles”!

(picture from

I was suprised at myself that my favourite of the 2 was the vanilla strawberry one, and not the chocolate :p Seriously – absolutely divine – if you haven’t had Angel’s cupcakes yet – do yourself a favour!!

SATURDAY morning I went for my horse riding lesson, which was awesome – despite the sweltering heat!! :) Then I rushed off to edenvale for various bits and bobs…

SUNDAY we woke up to a scheduled power outage :( I was hoping our little suburb would be spared, but no… Anyway, we had a photoshoot with Jeanette at 4:30, and obviously, no power means no hairdryer etc…!

So, we did some grocery shopping etc and got home at about midday and I needed to decide if I should drive all the way to Centurion to my mom to do my hair… or what. Then, I was hit my a brainwave – even tho i was a little embarrased to do anything about it!! I know @MeeAParkins lives down the road from me, in Midrand. I have never met her tho… :p so, I sucked it up, and asked her if she would think I was incredibly rude if I invaded her house for a bit and did my hair there – coz she was lucky enough to have power!! Gulp! :) She was very accomodating and didn’t seem to mind at all!! :)

Phew – lifesaver!! Thank you MeeA!!!

Then, off to our photoshoot!! :)

It was a strange feeling to do all the posing, and looking this way, and that way… hehe. AND, Peter, who is normally SUCH a chatterbox and never shuts up, was struck by the “shy-stick” and barely said a word!! – silly boy!

Jeanette was great :) and the photos are GORGEOUS!!!! We had some taken inside the ruin, and some taken outside in the LOOOOOOOONG veld grass… my favourite are the ones outside – the colours and light is beautiful – and I think we made good clothing choices… it looks awesome!!

These two pics are my favourite:

you can see the full sneak-peek on jeanette‘s site, HERE

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After my “HELP!!” blog a few days ago, i got some links & ideas from various people for The Engagement Shoot … I had a look at the sites recommended, and found a bunch of really nice stuff :D

There was a suggestion that we take the beagles to the shoot – but I’m not totally sold on that idea… dont get me wrong, you all know how much a ADORE my boys – but they are quite a handful… and we are going to a place we haven’t explored before, so I’m a bit nervous to take them along… BUT i was thinking, maybe later in the year we can do a “family” shoot – the 4 of us at a nice park or something… I’d like that a lot!! :)

Anyway… back to the task at hand …

I saved a couple of pics that I really like – for some reference etc… hmmm, is this like the start of wedding planning?? eeek!! i don’t need to be thinking of that kinda stuff! Sheesh!

Oh well… here are some snippets of photos i liked :) … there’s not really a particular “feel” that i like more than another – i seem to like everything – the fun shots, tender/romantic and the more abstract stuff…

Off Christine Meintjies site, I really loved this shoot – particularly the pics of the couple lying in the grass: (more on the site)


Off Rock ‘n Roll Bride I liked this fun pic


I found a lot of sweet, romantic tender pics…

I really like this one off Rock ‘n Roll Bride (I think its my favourite pic i found)


also off Rock ‘n Roll Bride – i like how it looks so natural, not posed at all… like the photographer snuck up on them :)


Then, I like these more abstract type ones too:

Rock ‘n roll bride (Thanks Angel, I think I’m becoming addicted!)


I think this is super cute


Then, we must get a couple of shots of the #Sparkly!! Most of the shots i could find are REALLY cheesy… like her hand resting lovingly on his… I mean, I know that the whole idea probably is quite lame… but i managed to find a few that weren’t that awful ;)

This one is a little cheesy, but not too bad, hey?


This one I like – it’s different and something new


and then this one is a lovely shot – maybe it would look cheesy if the ring wasnt so pretty ;) but u can almost see the movement here – it doesn’t look staged – which is cool.


And then, Jeanette sent me some links of shoots that couples did with their dogs :)

- like i said, maybe we’ll do that later in the year – I would really like to!!

Take a look at the doggy-friendly engagement shoots here, here and here… it looks like it could be a lot of fun… but The Beagles are quite naughty little buggers sometimes…! But ever so photogenic! :)

So – I’m really looking forward to the shoot… which is just over a week away. Thanks to everyone who commented and sent me some inspiration :D much appreciated!!

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I need your help!

I have begged and pleaded sufficiently for Peter to agree to do a photoshoot with Jeanette … like an engagement thingy… We’ve been together so long, but we dont really have ANY photos of us together… disgusting really :(

I figured now is as good a time as ever – we will never be younger, probably never be thinner etc etc…

The help I need is what to wear/take/do… Jeanette did a great engagement shoot for Angel recently… but we don’t dance, or bake cupcakes…! I am worried we end up looking like “ritards”!! (not that I have EVER seen anyone Jeanette photographs looking silly!

Without disclosing too much top secret info ;) the shoot will be outside – with a fair amount of bundu-bashing I think! So… I will probably wear jeans and a sleeveless black top… And then, I have a long white cotton summer dress which I am hoping to wear… but we’ll see :)

I am clueless about ideas of extra things to take/do… *sigh*

I’m sure Jeanette will be great at getting us to look good :) … I do hope she can get a good shot or two of the #sparkly! :)

If you have any brilliant ideas or tips for me, PLEASE SHARE!!

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