Monday I was feeling very fragile after a weekend of busy busy busy and late nights.

So I decided to take the day off and headed to the shops for a spot of retail therapy (on a very limited budget, mind you !)

I found 2 awesome Hoodies, which is JUST what I was looking for. Very warm and fleecy!

One white and black one:

Another dark grey one… with bright pink lining in the hood :D

And I saw these super cute little shoes, and had to have them (especially since they were only R80!!!)

and I popped into Woolies to have a look around, and my eye was caught by a cosmetic display with the cutest logo!! It is the kind of thing I would design ;) and, I found a lipstick in the exact colour I have wanted for a while :D so, yay!!

I felt much better after my little shopping spree :)

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So… a month ago, Boobahsmom awarded me an award, and i am only getting a chance to respond now :/

better late than never, hey?


Rule number 1: Acknowledge the award giver

Rule number 2: State 7 previously unknown/random facts about yourself.

Rule number 3 states that I need to pass on this award to 10 bloggers I’ve recently discovered, who I have found to be worthy of being called a Versatile Blogger.

ok, so, firstly – Thanks to Boobahsmom for the award :D

Next, 7 unknown facts about myself… tricky since i do a lotta random posts here. Let’s try:

1 – i cut my french toast in a very particular way. Corners first, making a smaller diamond shape, then cut off each corner (opposites first), making a smaller square, and so on… which leaves a small square at the end, which i cut into two triangles.

2 – i like my french toast savoury. With melted cheese and tomato sauce on. This grosses some people out, including Peter. He thinks tomato sauce on bread is for poor people, or something.

3 – when i have a cool drink with a straw, i don’t like it when the straw “looks at me” (ie points directly at me)… really bugs me

4- I normally spit in the sink everytime i wash my hands. This sounds grosser than it is.

5 – i like taking close-up photos of flowers

6 – my first dog’s name was Scampie

7 – I took German as a third language at high school

part 3 – who do i nominate… well, i nominate YOU!! please leave me a comment with your blog and consider yourself nominated!

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… this time, last year that I would:

  1. be working (mostly) full time for myself
  2. have bought a house
  3. have bought a new car
  4. be engaged with the biggest sparkliest most beautiful ring of all time
  5. finally have a tattoo

I would have laughed. Out loud. In your face.

Funny how things change.

Wonder where I will be this time text year.

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A while ago we went to watch How To Train Your Dragon… it was super cute – i really enjoyed it :)

anyway… after the movie we make our way back to the car (We took my new car, it was its first night-time-outing)… and as we walk towards it… i notice that it looks JUST like the Night Fury dragon in the movie!!


same slanted eyes… same short round nose… to the T!

If my car was black, I would totally rename it from Pepe Le Peugeot to The Night Fury fo’ shizzle!

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