Monday I was feeling very fragile after a weekend of busy busy busy and late nights.

So I decided to take the day off and headed to the shops for a spot of retail therapy (on a very limited budget, mind you !)

I found 2 awesome Hoodies, which is JUST what I was looking for. Very warm and fleecy!

One white and black one:

Another dark grey one… with bright pink lining in the hood :D

And I saw these super cute little shoes, and had to have them (especially since they were only R80!!!)

and I popped into Woolies to have a look around, and my eye was caught by a cosmetic display with the cutest logo!! It is the kind of thing I would design ;) and, I found a lipstick in the exact colour I have wanted for a while :D so, yay!!

I felt much better after my little shopping spree :)

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