As you may know, I ride at Glen Austin Stables. They had a training show this past weekend and i entered the dressage on my favourite pony in the whole world, Boots (who is miles too small for me, and is about the same age as me!). And i entered the jumping (only 50cm) on Diago (who is about double the size of Boots!)

Michelle (luckypony on twitter) came with me on saturday afternoon to groom Granny Boots and help me plait her. We brushed and brushed and brushed that poor little pony to within an inch of her life… so much hair!
Michelle plaited her tail (even tho we thought it wouldnt hold until the next day) and i plaited her sparse little mane (which we weren’t sure how many we’d have to redo)…

sunday, I got the the yard early, and lunged Boots a little… but she was soooo slow, i only lunged her for 4 minutes on each rein (I couldnt even get her to canter in the ring – which has NEVER happened before – she loves to canter!)

anyway, went to to give her another brushdown… and sort out her plaits… ALL her plaits stayed beautifully overnight!! even her tail! i was pleased i didnt have to redo any of it!!

anyway, tacked her up, and went to warm up a bit.

(this is my FAVE PIC!!!)

Once i felt ready, we went to line up for the dressage. Introduced myself to the judges (who, as it goes, knew Boots from a previous life, or 50 years ago, or whatever!!)
Oh, Boots’ full name is Walt Disney’s Long Boots … which i think is the cutest thing i have ever heard in my life!! lol

went into prelim 1 with Meryl calling for me.

Boots was so calm, and so well behaved and slow, that at one point, we were trotting down the long side, and it seemed to take forever!! lol… so unlike her – she was obviously tired from being drilled the day before.

then came the canter part of the test… she was calm and controlled and AWESOME!! she even trotted AT THE POINT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO!!! OMG!!! never happened ever ever ever with this pony!!

i was smiling the whole time!!!
here’s a youtube vid of it… watching the video, i see why the judges wrote “pony can be more forward going” lol… but i know that this was FANTASTIC!!! i scored 67% and PLACED 4th!! i won a rosette! omg!!! my first one ever

The next test was equally awesome! again, calm, slow, controlled… i tried to get her on the bit as much as i could… and i am happy with the results… its no where near perfect, but i am ECSTATIC!!

finished off with a HUGE SMILE and wanted to jump off the pony and hug the judges, and hug meryl, and hug everyone

turns out, i got 67% for this test too… and PLACED (!!!!!!!!) 4th again – and won another rosette… i was SOOOO excited, when they called my name, i squealed and leapt up! hehe

went to untack her, and fed her lots and lots of carrots, and hugged and kissed her (much to her dislike! lol)


had a chance to chill a bit before the jumping…

went to tack up diago and warm him up. In the warm up arena he was jumping around, and leaping, and chomping his bit… and generally freaking me out. a lot. was not feeling happy went to find my comfort blanket (ie meryl) and she told me to get off and just walk him around – in hand. i was a bit panicky and so stressed out – i had to calm myself down too!

between meryl and saskia – they walked him around and talked to him and calmed him (thank you thank you thank you guys… i wll be eternally grateful to you both!!!). i was also walking circles and trying to calm myself until we went in.

meryl came with me to wait, and talked me thru everything and kept me calm… diago had calmed down a little… but was still too jumpy for my liking.

anyway… it eventually came time for me to go on… 50cm class… i was pretty scared, i wont lie

once we were over the first jump, i was ok tho. he jumped, he didnt buck, he didnt spook, he didnt run away… he was diago. this was a lesson. we can do it!

here are some pics…

unfortunately i missed the 2nd jump in the combination (bad bad tanya… i was upset and hope that meryl wasnt too disappointed )

lookit the pony jump:

there was a brown jump that most of the horses didnt like… and we took 2 tries to get over it, but im SO GLAD we got over… i know if i had been more confident with more leg he wouldve gone over 1st time. but i wasnt confident.

aaaaand over the last jump:

*phew* survived the jumping.
To be honest, i was glad when the jumping was over… i was a bit of a wreck.

BUT i am thrilled with my dressage… and every time i think about it, i get the biggest smile on my face… those 10 minutes of dressage on sunday were the highlight of my year this far – without a doubt!!! and probably one of the top ten moments in my life! haha

THANK YOU to Glen Austin for an awesome show!!
Thank you
to Marilize for lending me her hairnet when i misplaced mine (and found it later in my camera bag)
Thank you
to michelle for helping plait Boots, taking photos, all her support!
Thank you
to Michelle’s BF, Peter for video-ing my test (which aren;t the ones iin this post – youtube is bombing out and i cant upload)
Thank you
to Megan for the videos on this blog!
Thank you
to MegB for teaching me how to lunge a horse… has come in very handy these last few weeks!
Thank you
to Saskia for walking Diago round and round when he was being a chop.
Thank you
to Pam for letting me ride Boots & Diago at the show.
for being all different kinds of awesome!!!

oh, ps all the other girls did awesomely in both the dressage and the jumping! i was proud to know them, and to be able to congratulate them afterwards!

what an awesome day!

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Our Star Beagles: One, a superSTAR… the other, a disaSTAR! ;)

So, this morning, the 4 of us trekked off to Goldfields in Bedfordview again, to try our hands at an Open Agility Show again. It was hosted by the Collie Club to raise money.

We (@peter_vs and I) decided – after our dismal performance at the last show – that we would take a treat on the course and automatically disqualify ourselves. (The reason being, that we wanted the beagles to at least stay with us, and finish the course, instead of just running off to sniff on their own mission. The grounds are unfamiliar to them, so we just need to keep trying and we’ll get there soon enough!).

First up, was the contact course… Peter & Oscar did very very well! And Harry & I also did pretty well (Harry missed the tyre jump and was a bit silly at the weaving poles).

Then we did the non-contact course… Harry did fantastically until about the 8th obstacle (8 out of 16) and then went off to some guys who were eating burgers on the side! Oscar did very nicely and Peter decided to leave the treat off the course in the Dog Jumping round.

Dog Jumping is very similar to Show Jumping in the horse world. All the dogs who get a clear round in the same class move onto a jump off. So, Harry was a complete idiot, and stopped to sniff EVERY SINGLE weave pole… up and down! Arrrrggg!! Oscar and Peter did BRILLIANTLY!!!! Without a treat and were the ONLY pair in our class with a clear round… which means… FIRST PLACE!! WOO HOO!! So, Oscar got a rosette, a toy, and a signature on his card (He needs 3 signatures for 1st place to move onto the next grade)

First Place at the Show!

First Place at the Show!

I am so very proud of Peter and Oscar!! Although, I have to say, that I am very proud of Harry too… even though he was a complete dumbass, it was still much much MUCH better than our last attempt! And it WILL continue to improve each time :)

Here is the Champion SuperStar Beagle…


Everyone was so supportive and proud of us too! Beagles are not very common in the agility world, because they are so hard to train, especially in agility.

So, all in all… yay for us!

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