So… if u follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that i am a bit of a Brazil Fangirl when it comes to the Soccer World Cup.

Just the other day, my brother asked me why I support them (I told him it’s coz my family is Brazilian and I was born there – lol!) anyway… maybe you are also wondering why I’m such a fangirl.

Let me first say that I am not a soccer fan and I dont know much about the sport!! But i do love me some Brazilian Soccer!!

It is not necessarily that they are a brilliant team. I started supporting them in the last last world cup, which was in 2002. I didn’t know any rules, I didn’t know the off-side rule. I knew nothing.

I decided to support them, because i loved the Ronaldo/Ronaldinho combination. And by Ronaldo, i DO NOT mean that ugly chop who plays for Portugal!! I mean the ORIGINAL ronaldo! (who is now fat and lazy and retired – lol) Those 2 were AWESOME! They were so captivating, I couldn’t stop watching them!! Loved it! They were totally unstoppable. From 2002 and i have adored Ronaldinho!! Always smiling, always scoring!

between him and his buddy Ronaldo, the team was ALWAYS smiling! and it seemed to rub off on everyone else… such a friendly bunch!

Then, the captain, back in 2002, Cafu – wow – i just loved him!! So tall, so strong, so regal! He always looked so calm and collected. really friendly and approachable. He just looks like a great guy! Someone you’d wanna hang out with. Also, always smiling. So humble. So friendly to the opposition team. Always smiles, handshakes and stuff. He just looks like and inspiring person – not only in soccer, in life.

Before all the matches i’ve watched (2002/2006/2010), in that tunnel thingy before the players walk out onto the field, these guys in the yellow shirts are always smiling and chatting to their oponents or the little kids who walk on the field with them. So friendly and down to earth. They are HUGE HUGE STARS, yet so humble.

They always all sing their national anthem with such passion and pride.

When there is a foul on the field, they help up the opponent (no matter whose fault it was) and give then a smile or handshake or whatever. They never argue with the ref. If they get a yellow/red card, they just accept it… no arrogance about it.

When there is a goal (which there ALWAYS is) they always look up to the heavens and do a little religious “whaddup” thing. I like it. I do.

The current goal keeper, Julio Cesar is awesome. Also a strong type, like Cafu. Looks like a great guy. He looks funny too. I wanna be his friend.

Unfortuantely, the Ronaldo/Ronaldinho combination is no longer around :( but my new favourite little dude is Robinho… he is just the cutest little thing i’ve seen! and he plays AWESOME soccer! love all that fancy footwork and stuff! He is also very humble and does the religious whaddup thing.

Hell, even their current coach, Dunga, looks like a lekker guy. Not like a lot of these fancy famous coaches who look like snobs. (ok, not the best pic of him! lol)

So… that is why i love brazil and i am a fan girl and i always will be…

As long as brazil is: Smiley, friendly, humble, skilled, etc i will be their fan. Til the end.

Go Brazil!!

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