So, I’m sitting at the hardresser and I’m very bored! Thought I’d try blogging on my phone :)

This last sunday morning, we had a bit of a #weddingPlanningTweetup in midrand :)

it was only 5 of us: Angel, Sharon, MeeA, Jessica and I… Some of the ladies are a lot more organised and prepared than others! Hehe… Got some handy tips and leads for contacts…

There was also a ‘ring examination’ :) we compared our #sparklies… I have the fattest finger … As always! Sharons ring is *beautiful*!!

Also got to meet Joshua, sharons kidlet… He was so good and so cute! And got the biggest piece of lemon meringue pie ever… Was very cute :)

What a nice bunch of girls :) we made tentative plans to do a meander thingy later in the year… So look at venues and sample food and champagne :) … Was such a fun morning – and really nice to meet sharon and jessica… And see angel and meeA (with a sleeping #babyparkins) again.

Thanks girls! :)


The majority of my weekend was spent thinking about the car drama… if you know anything about cars, please leave me a comment or some advice on that post…

Anyway… i did a few other things too :)

Saturday we headed out to Bedfordview to collect post and stuff. we bought new linen… yay!!!!! I love buying new linen!! and i love stripes too!!

Saturday afternoon we went to look at the car, but i’m not talking about that now… that is here


we woke up eeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrllllllllyyyyyyyyyy!!! 6am…. packed ourselves and the beagles into the car and went off to our hunting ground for registration and a bit of a social morning to kick in the hunting season. met a couple of new beagles and their people.

isn’t my Harry a cutie pie!!?? dammit, I love this dog so much x

went home, washed the beagles and ourselves! and got ready for the #MidrandTweetup at @MeeAParkins‘ place. The Midrand Tweeps consist of @MeeAParkins and her husband and kidlets, @Angelsmind & @glugster, @snowgoosesa and her ginger @shauncusters, and @Peter_vs and I.

We had planned to have the tweetup at MeeA’s place, and even though she has JUST had a (cute little long) baby she was still happy to have us bombard her :)

Her husband is very cool and her kids are lovely… I had to laugh… when we all arrived, her daughter, who knows angel, but not Snowgoose and I – looks over at everyone and says “Who are those two?” and points at us… lol was funny ;)

we had a braai… thanks to #HubbyParkins and @Glugster for being the chefs!! and finished off with some legendary cupcakes!!

I had such a fun time, it was really nice having a tweetup with a small group of people… especially since we all had less than 5km to drive home!! I think this should become a regular thing…?


Got home and was totally exhausted. rolled into bed and was plauged all night by horrible dreams about spraypaint, pilates balls and underground parking!! WTF???

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So, finally!!! I have gotten around to my first post! Yay :)

I’ve had this blog for what seems like forever, so it is high time to write something on it! Every time I meet someone at a TweetUp or 27Dinner they are completely horrified to learn that I don’t have a blog! But now, I do.

You’ll see the buttons on the left will categorize my random ramblings into the groups about Design Stuff (my job), Dog Stuff (my hobby and children), Font Stuff (aaah, fonts, how I love fonts! Have you seen my FontGirl outfit?), Other Stuff (not work, dogs or fonts) and My Recommended Sites (other sites I work on, or spend a lot of time at). <side note> The buttons will only work once I have written a post in that category… So give me a bit of time :)

So, this post is a dog related one.

I have 2 beagles, Harry and Oscar and I train very seriously with them (well, as serious as I can be). Last week, one of my trainers asked me if I would be interested in giving puppy lessons at her puppy school in Kyalami! She was going away and needed someone to step in for a week. WOW! How chuffed was I!
I gave the lesson this morning. I won’t bore you with all the gory details of everything we did, but it really was so much fun! I was a bit nervous, as I am not an animal behaviourist or anything… but both of my dogs have been through the syllabus at Puppyland. I have never really been in any “position of power/command” it was pretty strange having people listen to every word I had to say and asking me advice and stuff. Especially strange feeling for me having people much older than me asking for my “expert opinion” – haha! Of course, I handles the situation exceptionally gracefully and imparted my knowledge onto my eager little students ;)

I think I have figured out the reason I enjoyed it so much… bear with me here: When I was in Primary School, all I wanted to do was be a Grade 2 teacher. It was my goal in life and it was all I could think of. I had my classroom planned, posters, games, the whole toot! But the older I became, especially into my twenties, I realised that I don’t actually like kids all that much – I MUCH prefer animals – particularly dogs. So, in essence, puppy socialising and training is basically Grade 2 for dogs! Could it BE more perfect!? It is, like, my dream job! – Even if it is only part time!

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