What a fun weekend!!

Saturday morning I went riding as usual… I rode little Boots and had a jol! I usually head home quite soon after my lesson, but I decided to hang around for a bit (a bit turned out to be the rest of the day!! – lol). A new dude started lessons on Saturday afternoon, and it turns out I know him! From at least 10 years ago – it was SO strange!! but very cool to see him again.

Anyway, went home exhausted after spending about 7 hours at the stables! ;)

Saturday morning was a spot of shopping and post collecting etc… had an afternoon nap and then went on my merry way to the #Midrandtweetup.

It was the 2nd Midrand Tweetup so far, and our numbers have grown! It was the regulars of: me, Heidi, Angel, Glugster and MeeA… and some newbies :) Battica & Nightwulfe and Megan.

Our hosts were Angel and Glugster, and we had the most delicious chicken pasta potjie made by Glugster… yum, it was DIVINE!!! Angel also brought out yummy chockie cupcakes with purple icing :) MeeA’s little one, Jack, thought the cupcakes were a fab idea and was toddling around muttering “cupcake. Cupcake. Cupcake”… too cute!!

There was much food, wine, champers, laughs and general good times!!

Battica and Nightwulfe left early :( and the rest of us got stuck into a game of 30seconds.

Lemme set the scene… Angel and Glugster are quite the notorious team – and don’t really lose. Heidi and I also don’t EVER lose a game of 30seconds… we rock! Megan and MeeA have never met before and MeeA has never played 30 seconds! let the games begin!!

What a ton of fun, and barrel of laughs that game is! there were times in the game that it was quite close, before Heidi and I pulled ahead and raced to the finish line, leaving everyone else in our dust…! Oh, a rule that Heidi and I always play by, is, when the team is on the last square, and could possibly win, with the next question, you have to do the game in Afrikaans! Makes it even more fun! … so, our winning streak continues! We retain the crown! Fanks Snoo :)

The party slowly got smaller and smaller, ending up with just me… and before we knew it, it was 10pm!!! sheesh…!

One of the huge highlights for me of the Midrand Tweetups is that we all have such a quick drive home! I was home in less than a minute… i LOVE IT! ;)

A few highlights of the day yesterday:

Battica was feeding Jack a cupcake… she holds it out to him, looks at us and says “Will he bite me?!” ROFL!! he is not very much like a rottweiler!

Heidi and I playing 30 seconds, we have one more answer to get, and about half the timer to get it in. I have no clue who/what this chinesey sounding thing on my card is. I say “Throw me with all the chinese names you know” … heidi says “Mao Tung Tsu” – or whatever the hell she said and it was RIGHT!!! damn, we good!

Megan trying to explain Daffy Duck in 30 seconds: “It’s a cartoon bird” . MeeA: “RoadRunner”. Megan: “No, its a swimming type of bird”… the rest of us were in stitches!!

And then, of course, all the “Jack’s” in 30 seconds!! MeeA’s kidlet came in very very handy! Don’t think we would’ve won it without pointing at him every 5 minutes and saying “Like that kid’s name”… we had Jackass (sorry MeeA!!!), Jack Nicolson, Jack Sparrow, Jack Daniels… and maybe even more, i was laughing too hard to remember it all!

What a fantastic time! Thanks so much to Angel and Glugster for hosting us, and to MeeA for the extremely decadent chocolate dessert! Was awesome to see everyone and to meet Battica, Nightwulfe and Megan… hope to see you all at the next #MidrandTweetup!!

oh, and it must be said that little Jack and his baby brother #Babyparkins were both such a pleasure to have around, and so very very good!! MeeA is one of the most wonderful mommies out there!!

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The majority of my weekend was spent thinking about the car drama… if you know anything about cars, please leave me a comment or some advice on that post…

Anyway… i did a few other things too :)

Saturday we headed out to Bedfordview to collect post and stuff. we bought new linen… yay!!!!! I love buying new linen!! and i love stripes too!!

Saturday afternoon we went to look at the car, but i’m not talking about that now… that is here


we woke up eeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrllllllllyyyyyyyyyy!!! 6am…. packed ourselves and the beagles into the car and went off to our hunting ground for registration and a bit of a social morning to kick in the hunting season. met a couple of new beagles and their people.

isn’t my Harry a cutie pie!!?? dammit, I love this dog so much x

went home, washed the beagles and ourselves! and got ready for the #MidrandTweetup at @MeeAParkins‘ place. The Midrand Tweeps consist of @MeeAParkins and her husband and kidlets, @Angelsmind & @glugster, @snowgoosesa and her ginger @shauncusters, and @Peter_vs and I.

We had planned to have the tweetup at MeeA’s place, and even though she has JUST had a (cute little long) baby she was still happy to have us bombard her :)

Her husband is very cool and her kids are lovely… I had to laugh… when we all arrived, her daughter, who knows angel, but not Snowgoose and I – looks over at everyone and says “Who are those two?” and points at us… lol was funny ;)

we had a braai… thanks to #HubbyParkins and @Glugster for being the chefs!! and finished off with some legendary cupcakes!!

I had such a fun time, it was really nice having a tweetup with a small group of people… especially since we all had less than 5km to drive home!! I think this should become a regular thing…?


Got home and was totally exhausted. rolled into bed and was plauged all night by horrible dreams about spraypaint, pilates balls and underground parking!! WTF???

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Shoo, this was a busy weekend…! And I met 3 twitter people too!!

On FRIDAY I drove 300m down the road to pick up cupcakes from @Angelsmind. She is also known as The Cupcake Lady…and had advertised a Valentines Cupcake Special which I thought I would try :)

The pics looked delicious, and there has been SO much hype around twitter about how fabulous these cupcakes are! Now, don’t get me wrong here… but i honestly thought to myself “How great can these cupcakes be? People *have* to say they are great… imagine if people said – i tried Angels cupcakes and they were ok – …” So anyway… on Friday night I had my first much anticipated cupcake… not expecting TOO much – altho they did look absolutely fabulous!! And WOW was I blown away!! It was seriously, the BEST DAMN CUPCAKE I EVER DID EAT! – seriously! ah-may-zzzzzing!!

There were 4 in the box:

2 x secret-centre strawberry stuffed chocolate cupcakes, iced with uber decadent chocolate fudge icing and decorated with heart-shaped “sprinkles”.

2 x vanilla, secret-centre, strawberry cheesecake cupcakes- decorated with cream cheese icing and heart shaped “sprinkles”!

(picture from http://www.angelscupcakes.co.za/)

I was suprised at myself that my favourite of the 2 was the vanilla strawberry one, and not the chocolate :p Seriously – absolutely divine – if you haven’t had Angel’s cupcakes yet – do yourself a favour!!

SATURDAY morning I went for my horse riding lesson, which was awesome – despite the sweltering heat!! :) Then I rushed off to edenvale for various bits and bobs…

SUNDAY we woke up to a scheduled power outage :( I was hoping our little suburb would be spared, but no… Anyway, we had a photoshoot with Jeanette at 4:30, and obviously, no power means no hairdryer etc…!

So, we did some grocery shopping etc and got home at about midday and I needed to decide if I should drive all the way to Centurion to my mom to do my hair… or what. Then, I was hit my a brainwave – even tho i was a little embarrased to do anything about it!! I know @MeeAParkins lives down the road from me, in Midrand. I have never met her tho… :p so, I sucked it up, and asked her if she would think I was incredibly rude if I invaded her house for a bit and did my hair there – coz she was lucky enough to have power!! Gulp! :) She was very accomodating and didn’t seem to mind at all!! :)

Phew – lifesaver!! Thank you MeeA!!!

Then, off to our photoshoot!! :)

It was a strange feeling to do all the posing, and looking this way, and that way… hehe. AND, Peter, who is normally SUCH a chatterbox and never shuts up, was struck by the “shy-stick” and barely said a word!! – silly boy!

Jeanette was great :) and the photos are GORGEOUS!!!! We had some taken inside the ruin, and some taken outside in the LOOOOOOOONG veld grass… my favourite are the ones outside – the colours and light is beautiful – and I think we made good clothing choices… it looks awesome!!

These two pics are my favourite:

you can see the full sneak-peek on jeanette‘s site, HERE

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Shew – what a weekend!

It was fun and i want to document, but only have a few minutes… so it’ll be a picture blog in point form! :)


  • The lounge wall is very big and was very empty


  • i designed a gorgeous scene and had it printed and blockmounted and it was delivered on Friday – i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! it’s 1.3m accross and 1m high.
  • makes a HUGE difference.


  • Finished product:


  • Also… I had 3 other mounts done (400 x 400mm) to go above the zen light in the entrance/dining area… they look fab too! Because of the high ceiling, we REALLY needed something striking.


  • oh, on Friday, I also went horse riding… more info about that here


  • Had invited Peters friends for a housewarming … so lots to do.
  • Rushed off to Bedford to get post and buy a present at Exclusive Books
  • Stopped in Edenvale to buy braai meat – at a butcher recommended to us – but it wasn’t that great… still prefer the one at Bruma – not as dodgy as it sounds, i promise!
  • Home to make the dessert (fabulous btw)
  • IMG00166-20091205-1217Tidied the house
  • Made potato salad for 10 people (where are we going to put everyone in our little housie??!?)
  • Jumped in the shower at about 12:30 – guests expected at 2pm
  • 1pm – bell rings, first peeps arrived. eish. oh well :)
  • The day was lots of fun … we managed to fit 8 guests, the 2 of us, and the 2 beagles onto the patio for late lunch. impressive.
  • Played some rockband… which the boys TOTALLY hogged… how very unfair!


  • I got some lovely orange roses though :) – wonder if the read my blog post from last week about Things I Love


  • Sent everyone off home and had a little chill time outside – all this excitement tires me out!
  • Spent the rest of the night, and early hours of the morning hugging the toilet bowl… fun… :(


  • Took it easy – feeling fragile.
  • Went for the most fantastic facial at Sorbet. Was exactly what I needed.
  • Stopped on the way home to *LOOK* at the nursery and ended up spending R200 on seedlings and a sprinkler thingy.
  • went home, peter dug out a big ugly bush and we planeted the seedlings and tidied up the flower bed.
  • I want to buy a frangipani tree and one or two hibiscus bushes for this bed…



  • And then, we put up our christmas tree…


Was a tiring but very fun weekend :)