I need to put all this down on “paper” so I can look back when I am all rich and successful and laugh at how nervous I was!

So, the short of it is:

Just over 2 years ago, I quit my job at a small printing place, where I was the graphic designer (read: typesetter, invoice maker, admin person, tea maker, plant waterer etc).

I didn’t have another job to go to.

My folks were on their way overseas for a month.

I wanted to do my own Graphic Design thing… freelance, or whatever.

So… my dad said, I run his business while he is away, and work for him when he gets back, and i can get my thing going at the same time.

Was cool… i’d get a stable income and build up my client base.

So, I set up a website, got some clients etc.

That was about 30 months ago.

Now… (well the last 10 months or so)… i am HATING HATING HATING working for my dad, and basically being his bitch (check my bank balance, send an email, do the statements, pay the rent … etc etc etc). I wake up and i get grumpy just thinking about it. small things irritate me. i am cranky and lethargic and uninspired and generally miserable.

i feel trapped and depressed and like everything is just wasting my time and stupid (real ray of sunshine, huh?)

My own business is slow, but it picks up all the time – but it is still not enough to support me. Then again, I don’t have THAT much time to spend on it – i don’t look for new clients, coz i wont be able to handle it, or go and meet them when they need me, as i am always at my dad’s beck and call.

SO… – my dad’s business is also growing, and he wants me to give more time to it…

I have been struggling with how to tell him i’m not interested for a looooooooooooooooong time!

Eventually, at the middle of last month, he brought it up, and i told him, i am not interested, and i think that by Feb i am going to be done with him, and give my own thing a shot. (see the countdown on the left of my page…? :) )






excited (a little).

So… I have 3 weeks left working for him, with a constant income to pay the bills. From 1 feb, I am on my own. like i said, my client base is NOT big enough to support me (just yet!)… but i am going to try hard, and work hard, and hope to god i can make it work!!

I am still going to help my dad out once a week – every thursday… sucker for punishment, no? … so we’ll see how that goes.

So, basically – if you need ANYTHING designed or printed – or something… PLEASE let me know! I need all the help i can get.

My portfolio is up on my site -print- and -web- (i am still fine tuning it – so some of the body copy is still a bit funny)

keep this web address at the front of your mind:


Here is a list of some of the services we can provide you with:

  • Logo Design
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Corporate Folders
  • Banners
  • Invitations
  • Catalogues
  • Corporate stationery
  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Corporate Gifts (branded or plain)
  • Posters and Digital Design (email adverts, digital signatures etc)
  • Web Design *NEW*
  • Blog Design *NEW*
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I like fonts… like A LOT :) I have over 10 000.

I figured a section dedicated fonts on my blog would be cool.

There is a place (most places actually) that calls for fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Avant Garde, Times etc etc. Yes, we all know about these fonts and they are great, and work well – but what about the fun fonts… the ones that make you smile (or make me smile at least). The Font Section on my blog is for these fonts. The ones you download, but hardly ever use.

The fonts you save, hoping a job will come in that calls for a crazy fun font. They are few and far between (the jobs, not the fonts – hell there are millions of these crazy-ass fonts).

Every now and then, I’ll put up a few fonts and where to download them.

Here are the first three… Please welcome:

“Hooked on Booze”, “Slugfest” and “Billo”


Download Hooked on Booze HERE


Download Slugfest HERE


Download Billo HERE

I have actually used 2 of these 3 fonts! Hooked on Booze adorned an invitation to an (Anti) Christmas Party. And I recently did some Lipbalm labels for a client and used Billo – it looked pretty cute :)

(it looks weird on such a small scale though!)


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So, I am off to Thigh-Land in a few days again (see my countdown inĀ  the side bar on the left). Everyone always gets so excited when I say this. I get remarks like “Oh, you are so lucky” … “I am so jealous” … “I wish it was me going” etc etc. Well, I wish I could send you instead of me!

Before I get too carried away – a side note to any family (or people who know my family) reading this – please keep this info to yourself, I don’t want dad to get his panty in a knot about this – Thanks :)

Ok – back to the post… I go to Thigh-Land with my dad. He imports clothes from there, and I work part-time for him… so, I have to go with him on some trips, to learn what’s potting and stuff. I do not enjoy it. I know that sounds really bitchy and ungrateful and sometimes I do feel bad about me not liking it. You probably don’t understand how I could not like Thigh-Land. When you see pics of Thigh-Land they look like this:


I do not go there…

I go here… –>

thailand2Do you see the lack of white beaches, turquoise waters and Mai Thai’s?Do you see the abundance of grey in place of romantic turquoise? Can you smell it through your screen (I can!)

Unfortunately – I do not go there on a romantic getaway or honeymoon. We stay in a cheap hotel (no food – not even an OPTION to have more than a teeny weeny omelette) and don’t do any “touristy” things :( it is rather sad. The other thing is, my dad is not my very favourite person in the whole world. I know, I am sounding bitchy again! He is ok… but not my favourite.

I am trying to be positive about the trip, although I am not looking forward to it. I am making a list of PRO’s and CON’s. At this point, I feel like the CON’s will outweigh the PRO’s… but still – I have to try! We are stopping over in Singapore for 2 days on the way back.


  • BIGGEST PRO: It’s going to be warm!!!!!! Yay, escape JHB winter for a bit! Woo hoo!!!
  • I am looking forward to “Flied Lice” it is very yummy
  • The Tom Yum Goong soup is really good (I never eat Thai food at home)
  • I can buy some more silk scarves
  • Time away from home makes me appreciate a bath and home comforts
  • I have never been to Singapore – maybe it will be nice
  • My dad said we could do some sight-seeing in Singapore. I asked him if we could go to the Night Zoo (Recommended by Philly_girl)
  • I am looking forward to having a massage almost every day! :)


  • I HATE the 12 hour flight… I have never enjoyed flying. So much of no space and cramping legs!
  • I am so terrified of flying lately, after all these plane “incidents”… I don’t want to end up like Jack and Kate and Hurley and be tortured by Others!!!!
  • My dad annoys me on a good day… 10 undiluted days are not going to be fun
  • I miss Peter and my Beagles
  • Thigh-Land smells gross (ok, Bangkok smells gross – seriously, it does! All that constant cooking in the streets… mixture of garlic, fish, fried banana… bleugh!)
  • I don’t sleep well at all (maybe 3 to 4 hours a night)
  • There isn’t a bath in the hotel room
  • I miss being constantly connected (cell phone, internet, facebook, twitter)
  • It’s not fun having to do everything that someone else wants to do for 10 days solid (we are there to work, not play!)
  • I have to SHARE a room with my dad in Singapore (I have no idea WHY he couldn’t just have gotten two rooms… but anyway!!!)
  • I miss red meat (yes, seriously, I crave steak!!)
  • I really miss cuddling up to my 3 boys on the couch and just chilling!

So far, the CON’s are winning… :( I keep thinking of the warmth, the massages and the silk scarves (I really love my thai silk scarves!).

If I think of any other PRO’s or CON’s I will list them below… If you can think of any more, please leave me a comment :)

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30 Random Things About Me…

  1. I was born in the decade of leg-warmers and perms. By the time I was old enough to have any “fashion sense” shoulder pads and electric blue eye-makeup were out of fashion
  2. I grew up in Centurion
  3. My favourite clothing item is a Jean Pant
  4. My favourite food is fillet steak and fried mushrooms. But I also love chicken
  5. No, wait, my favourite food is chocolate.
  6. I like the smell of coffee, but I don’t like to drink it… same story with petrol.
  7. I studied Graphic Design in Pretoria for three years.
  8. I do freelance design now.
  9. I have a serious obsession with Fonts. I dressed up as Font Girl for a superhero party. It was super cool!
  10. I love 5fm and can’t bear to listen to any other radio station.
  11. I get physically upset when I can’t start my mornings with Gareth Cliff
  12. I used to chew my nails all the time… It’s under control now.
  13. I have two Beagles who are the most special people in the world!
  14. My Beagles and I are training very hard to be the next agility champions!
  15. I became an auntie when I was 6… I now have 5 nephews.
  16. My iPod is my favourite material possession
  17. I totally and completely HATE washing dishes.
  18. My favourite movie is The Wedding Singer, and more recently, Enchanted and The Holiday.
  19. I am one of 4 children
  20. I spent 5 months in Israel after Matric
  21. I think sport is overrated
  22. I am very shy
  23. I call Firefox “Mozilla Gorilla”
  24. I call Adobe Photoshop “Photos Hop”
  25. I love the Harry Potter Book Series!
  26. My dog, Harry, is NOT named after Harry Potter!
  27. My favourite flower is the St Joseph Lily
  28. I have 2 freckles between my toes on my left foot… seriaas!
  29. As I write this, I have NO clue what I am going to blog about
  30. I could only come up with 29 random things… Oh wait, now it’s 30!
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